Wednesday, 19 November 2014

The Smiley Moon

It was hot last night and there was no power
So I slept off on the sofa while waiting for IKEDC or whatever their name is these days to give us power
I let the blinds up and had a good sleep

The fan's gentle breeze stroke my face like a baby’s hand will stroke her mother’s face
Then I woke to let the blinds down and go to the room
The brilliance outside caught my attention and I peeped through the window to see why the moon stood out so brightly

I could almost swear it was a smiley face in place of the moon  
I lingered at the window and smiled and then the moon smiled right back at me mockingly like it knew a little more about me

May it does, just may be...

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Stolen Moments

And nothing was defined between us
Except for the stolen moments we both lived for

Friday, 14 November 2014

Today. I let you go

This is what happens when you sleep off watching a love 'drama'

We were good friends
We evolved into Something more than friends
We loved each other and did things lovers do
We seemed perfect for Each other...only we were not

In your other life, you both were more than friends
In that other life,You guys dance...we never danced
In your other life you were perfect for Each other and she told the story very perfectly

I was tired of wanting what might never be but much more I was tired of not knowing the truth so Today a few years ago I let you go

Thursday, 13 November 2014

The Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award

           Thanks to Rhapsody for the Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award. I am going to try and answer the questions very well but i'll be breaking a lot of the award rules...just because I can :) :p

Here are the questions she asked and my answers:

1. Do you love yourself from the inside out to the outside in? (if yes move to question 4)
I have not always loved myself but now Yes, I looooove ME

4. What things do you do for yourself that enriches, nourishes and affirms your being?
I accept who I am, all the good I see and the flaws too. I try to do away with self criticism, acknowledge my efforts and reward them. I let worry go, trust my own judgement, I spend good time with myself ( I actually enjoy my own company) . I spend good time on my own growth, make positive affirmations every day and I take care of my body

5. How do you hold yourself accountable for your poor decisions?
I have accountability partners in areas I struggle with, my partners have been helpful and it has helped me improve my decision making ability. Sometimes though I sit alone to analyse the situation, pick one or two lessons and then I move on

6. Are you able to forgive yourself your humanness and move forward without beating up yourself and getting stuck in the, what should have been, if only I had?
After going through a whole lot of beating up I had to learn to forgive myself. I have learnt to accept my humanness but also learnt not to cry over spilt milk when I can make sure I don't spill the milk I have left :)  

7. How do you celebrate you, your uniqueness and authenticity?
Sometimes I toot my own horn, and other times I just ''think" about my awesomeness , smile and give myself a pat on the back 

8. How do you stay motivated, hopeful and faithful to you, your thoughts, beliefs and ideals?
I like to record the seemingly small successes ... a different thought pattern, a better response to a usual problem...I record and reward myself by buying a huge cup of smoothie, by seeing a movie, by buying a book or even reading...these rewards sometimes help me stay motivated 

9. If you were your own parent what would be the one thing you would teach yourself?
a.      How have those lesson(s) changed you?
It was one lesson that took forever to sink in but now I am comfortable in my own skin
b.      It is said that what we learn we have a responsibility to teach, how do you plan to pass on the lessons to others who may be stuck where you were?  
My line of work has made this easy for me, its part of what I do everyday

10. Are you being true to your inner self or are you busy pleasing everybody else?
Because I didn't always love myself people approval meant a lot to me but I'm glad things have changed and now I'm a preacher of self love and believer of staying true to one's self. Only sometimes you have to be careful not to be a narcissist, one has to find a balance.

Yass! I did it!