Friday, 24 October 2014

Love better! Live better

Seasons will change
Our bodies will grow old
Fashion will evolve
We'll give up work
But one thing that will be forever flanked in the depth of the universe is Love

Love better...Live better

Thursday, 23 October 2014


Sometimes the scars ...
The ones on our knees and in our hearts show where we have been

Sometimes these same scars
are hints of where we are headed

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

20 things about Faith

So everyone has been going on about the 20 things about me...she doesn't have a blog but she sent this to me to read, I enjoyed reading it so I decided to put up here because it came in good time...when I was wondering what to put on the blog. So yes, meet Faith my longest standing paddy.

1.       I love food and cooking. I've never really been able to constantly have love for a ‘thing’ for a long period of time (I get bored easily)…but Food!!!! Ahhhhhh I love food.

2.       I like attention. For some reason I just love it when I'm being ‘noticed’. I want heads turned, eyes drifting or little hushes under the breath when I walk in..Weird right? Maybe that’s why I even have a loud voice...Chai

3.       I have a passion for creativity

4.      I love Travelling/Adventure/Adrenaline pumping activities.  I’ll be the first in line. (Although anything involving heights may make me number 50 in line but I’ll still do it). I've only been to 6 countries but I surely have been to a million destinations in my mind

5.       I can’t hide my excitement: I have a certain spark in my eye when I am excited and they go all big like a baby who has seen candy

6.       I think a lot. Every second I get, trust me I’ll be thinking of something. Sometimes nothing in particular but I’ll just be lost in thought.

And this brings me to number 7

7.       I have an ‘over’ imaginative mind. Jeez! I even bow to myself at the way I imagine stuff. Give me a word and I'm sure I’ll be able to create a story line for you

8.       I hate it when people are too stuck up on their own opinion. Not that it’s bad to have your own opinion, but when you’re too strong headed and don’t value other opinions-Not Cool

9.       Not blowing my own trumpet, but I'm fun to be with and I love doing fun things.

10.   I'm neither an introvert nor an extrovert. If there is anything called an ‘intextrovert’ that would me. Sometimes I can go all out and have a wild time, yet other days I could stay indoors for the whole weekend just watching movies, reading and munching

11.   My love for chicken knows no bounds. Yes its food and should probably be related with point 1 but…I have to specifically dedicate a point to my love for loves chicken like that :) 

12.   I hate it when people say they eat bunnies (rabbits). How can you kill such a fluffy looking cute thing…ahhhh ?

13.   I suck at giving directions (maps/roads etc.) and suck at remembering addresses. I went to a place the night before and the next day I got lost when I was to take someone there too. I'm that helpless

14.   I'm so intrigued when people ‘get me’. I'm one hard nut to crack. Totally a weirdo.

15.   I wear my heart on my sleeve, well in ‘definite’ situations - if I like you or don’t like you you will surely know. However I can be very secretive

16.   I’ve watched so many movies, even DSTv  needs to refund my monthly subscriptions

17.   I’m very emotional and a helpless romantic. I laugh a lot and rarely cry. If I shed those tears it means a whole lot of dilemma 

18.   Apparently I love the word hmmm. A friend of mine said I have different variations of it but the meanings all depend on their sounds/tones

19.   I’m so mischievous and stubborn. Probably why I got into a lot of trouble when I was much younger…I'm a lot older and still very mischievous and stubborn 

20.   I’m ME and God created me to be ME 

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Book meets girl

I wear my love for books around my neck like japa malas bead
Books with their fibrous scent and the possibilities of nameless pleasures


Books open up for me a level of intimacy I sometimes don't get; books have become a world I lose myself in when I feel lost in the one I am in