Thursday, March 20, 2014

I will wait...for you

This in one deep poem, I enjoy listening to. I just thought to share. "I will wait for you" by Janette Ikz ( Sorry it's really long, you can decide to watch the video instead -find it below the post). Enjoy!

So it seemed, that it was cool, for everyone to be in a relationship but me
So I took matters into my own hands and ended up with him
Him who displayed the characteristics of a cheater,a liar an abuser and a thief 
So why was I surprised when he broke into my heart?
I called 911, but I was cardiac arrested for aiding and abetting,
Cause it was me who let him in
Claiming we were “just friends”
It was already decided for me by the first date, that even if he wasn’t!
I was gonna make him ‘The One’
You know… I was tired of being alone,
And I simply made up in my mind, that it was about that time so I decided to drag him along for the ride,
Cause I was always the bridesmaid & never the bride
A virgin in the physical, but mentally just a grown woman on the corner in heat!
Who was tired of the wait!

So I was gonna make him ‘The One’.
He had a form of Godliness but not much
But hey, hey I can change him! So I’ll take him, I mean he’s close enough
Ready to sell my aorta for a quarter, not knowing the value of its use to me
Artery so clogged with my will, it blocked his will from flowing through me
So, I thank Christ that His blood pressure gave this heart an attack,
That flatlined my obscured vision, put me flat on my back
Through my ignorance He sawed,
Through my sternum He sawed & cracked open my chest
To transplant Psalm 51:10
A new heart & a renewed right spirit within!
So now I fully understand,
Better yet I thoroughly comprehend,
How much I need to wait for You.

See, the bad thing is that I knew he wasn't you from the beginning
Cause in the beginning was the Word
And he didn’t even sound or shine like Your Son
Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks,
And all he could whisper was sweet, empty nothings –
Which meant NOTHING.
He couldn’t even pray when I NEEDED him to
Asking him to fast would be absurd!
So forget about being cleansed & washed with water through the Word
But I know You
You are already praying for me
Even never having met me
Let me assure you, I will wait for you.

I will no longer date, socialize or communicate with carbon copies of you
To appease my boredom or to quench my thirsty desire I have for attention
And short-lived compliments from ‘sorta kindas’.
You know…. He ‘sort kinda’ right, but ‘sorta kinda’ wrong?
His first name LUKE,
His last name WARM.
I, I won’t settle for false companionship
I won’t lay in the embrace of his arms,
Attempting to find some closeness,
But never feeling so far apart cause, I just wanna be held
Cause ♫”all I gotta do is Say” No!
No more ‘almost sessions’ of ‘almost coming close’
Passing winks & buying drinks,
I’ma, I’ma, I’ma flirt!♫
Who flirts with the ideology of,
‘Can you just tell me how much I can get away with & still be saved?’
No more.

I’ll stay in my bed alone, and write poems, about how I will wait for you 
He won’t even come close,
Our fingers won’t even interlock
We won’t even exchange breath
Cause I have thoughts that I’ve ‘saved as’ in a file that God has only equipped you to open.
I will no longer get weighted down,
From so-called friends & family talks,
About the concern for my biological clock
When I serve the Author of Time.
Who is not subject to time,
But I'm subject to Him,
He has the ability to stop, fast, forward, pause or rewind at any given time
So if we could role play,
You would be Abraham & I would be Sara
Or you can be Isaac & I can be Rebecca – a servant’s answered prayer
I am bone of your bone, flesh of your flesh,
Made up of your rib Adam!

And once we meet, like electrons
I will be bound to your nucleus, completely indivisible atom.
We even speak the same math: 1 + 1 + 1 = 3, which really equals 1 if you add Him.
We were all created in His image,
But you have the ability to reflect, project & even detect the Son.
If I were to explain what you looked like,
You would have to look like a star,
A son of the Son.

I would gain energy simply from the light that you shine on me.
I would need you , in order to complete my photosynthesis
I await your revelation, but once again from the genesis, I will wait for you 
And I will know you… because when you speak I will be reminded of Solomon’s wisdom,
Your ability to lead will remind me of Moses,
Your faith will remind me of Abraham,
Your confidence in God’s Word will remind me of Daniel,
Your inspiration will remind me of Paul,
Your heart for God will remind me of David,
Your attention to detail will remind me of Noah,
Your integrity will remind me of Joseph,
And your ability to abandon your own will, will remind me of the disciples,
But Your ability to love selflessly & unconditionally will remind me of Christ.
But I won’t need to identify you by any special Matthews or any special Marks,
Cause His word will be tattooed all over your heart.
And you will know me, and you will find me,
Where… the boldness of Esther meets the warm closeness of Ruth.
Where the hospitality of Lydia is aligned with the submission of Mary,
Which is engulfed in the tears of a praying Hannah
I will be the one, drenched in Proverbs 31 waiting for you.

But to my Father, my Father who has known me before I was birthed into this earth
Only if you should see fit
I desire your will above mine,
So even if you call me to a life of singleness,
My heart is content with YOU – the One who was sent.
YOU are the greatest love story ever told,
The greatest story ever known
You are forever my judge & I’m forever Your witness
And I pray that I’m always found on a mission about my Father’s business
Oh, I will always be Yours!
And I will always wait for You Lord, more than the watchmen wait for the morning
More than the watchmen wait for the morning… I WILL WAIT

Saturday, March 15, 2014


I carry you with me everywhere I go
A moment in my heart, a second in my head
I bug you all day long, and you developed that thick skin 
I really do not mean to be a pest
I am just a little girl trying to find her muse and your thumb seem just available 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Its the LOVE Wall yo!

Love is in the AIR!!! I remember saying in this post this time last year that...
"I do not believe in setting out a special day annually for some guy to show me he loves me…I want our love to be celebrated everyday… I don’t believe in some guy commercialising his sentiments for me… I don’t need a special day for the words “I Love You” to be proven to me. I want it proven everyday in the things we do for each other, celebrate it in our laughter and treasure it in moments that a Valentine’s Day card or gift can never fully represent…"
I still want to celebrate Love everyday but this year I am in love with love so I say "Love is in the air, celebrate it and give it a home"  celebrate it today, celebrate it always. I know people have wrong definitions of love and celebrate Valentine's day in whacked ways... I am advantage of the season to celebrate Love as well as I can, people....let's celebrate! Looool.

I saw this in a book a couple of years back and posted it as a note on my FB:
Real love waits in the cold on your front porch so you can walk to school together
Real love brings you a chocolate bar when you fall and finish last in the 100m race
Real love whispers something in the middle of mathematics about your fine finger nail polish so that you don't forget how to smile when you 're doing maths
Real love saves a seat for u in the hall through high school days,even when the other guys think its stupid
Real love stays up late on saturday making cookies together,flicking flour at each other and makes sure u both remember that night the rest of your life
Real love thinks you are pretty even when your hair is messed up and u look scruffy in your outfit
Real love lets you figure out the answers by yourself,it says goodbye for a season and prays for your return
Real love understands love and sacrifice and is willing to live accordingly...

Real love huh? What is love to you? Let's hear it , in the spirit of valentine. I go first...
                                     Love, real love is a decision 

What is love to you? Let's hear it...

Friday, January 24, 2014

I like the truth

Too many of us have been too afraid to be honest or say the truth, we think by being honest our spouse, our friends or our sisters would not love us any more.

I like truth especially when we are friends, I want to hear the truth from you (I probably won't hear it from the frenemies). If you can't tell me the truth then the whole essence of friendship is lost I think.

Some say, they are protecting the person but I say who made you the Lord or Judge. How do you know to decide your lying is protecting the person in question?

True, truth hurts but I think finding out later that you are not worth the truth hurts more. I used to believe in protecting parties but not any more, in fact, my new maxim is “Hurt me with the truth”. I think the only exception to the rule for me is if my lying is going to save someone from being killed then may be I will

Or may be I just might never know if I will tell the truth or lie until I am faced with the situation but then I have proposed in my heart not to lie because I am trying to save my face or any friendship…I probably will lose the friend anyway when he/she finds out the truth.

What’s your take on this issue, I would like to hear your views?