Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Love can never be hidden...True?

Our love is deep and sweet
Only it is behind closed doors
Our selfies are legfies, handfies we never take headfies. lol
When night falls you hold me in your hands and rock me to sleep but when it's day we are back to being 'strangers'

Aminat came over to the house today
Her eyes bloodshot from sleepless nights and unending tears
She broke up her relationship with Charles
She made this statement and broke down in tears again...
"What is the point of loving when you can't show it off?"

Might she be talking to me?

Photo credit: Statusmind

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Love happens everyday: February

This is becoming harder than I thought.

I remember February was a love month and nothing more
I remember I was so in love with love that I wrote this post
I remember my company moved into a huge space

Quote of the day: February days are a marketing gimmick; Love happens everyday- Randeep Hooda

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

11 days challenge: January

It's December people and I wish you an amazing one.

So my booskie Faith, challenged me yesterday to write about memorable moments for each month that passed, that's 11 posts in the next 11 days, she said and I quote "even if it is two sentences". So I'm gonna try and post here every day for the next 11 days

My memory of January is very fuzzy, but I remember my January was very 'untypical'. 

There was the new year resolution craze all over the place but I didn't make any new year resolutions or goals, I had taken time out in December to review my 2013  and to make plans for 2014 so I wouldn't have to make new year resolutions that I won't follow through on. 

January also came along with beautiful spiritual experiences, spiritual experiences I still relive.

Quote of the day: "To read a poem in January is as lovely as to go for a walk in June." -  Jean-Paul Sartre

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

The Smiley Moon

It was hot last night and there was no power
So I slept off on the sofa while waiting for IKEDC or whatever their name is these days to give us power
I let the blinds up and had a good sleep

The fan's gentle breeze stroke my face like a baby’s hand will stroke her mother’s face
Then I woke to let the blinds down and go to the room
The brilliance outside caught my attention and I peeped through the window to see why the moon stood out so brightly

I could almost swear it was a smiley face in place of the moon  
I lingered at the window and smiled and then the moon smiled right back at me mockingly like it knew a little more about me

May it does, just may be...