Friday, 14 February 2014

Its the LOVE Wall yo!

Love is in the AIR!!! I remember saying in this post this time last year that...
"I do not believe in setting out a special day annually for some guy to show me he loves me…I want our love to be celebrated everyday… I don’t believe in some guy commercialising his sentiments for me… I don’t need a special day for the words “I Love You” to be proven to me. I want it proven everyday in the things we do for each other, celebrate it in our laughter and treasure it in moments that a Valentine’s Day card or gift can never fully represent…"
I still want to celebrate Love everyday but this year I am in love with love so I say "Love is in the air, celebrate it and give it a home"  celebrate it today, celebrate it always. I know people have wrong definitions of love and celebrate Valentine's day in whacked ways... I am advantage of the season to celebrate Love as well as I can, people....let's celebrate! Looool.

I saw this in a book a couple of years back and posted it as a note on my FB:
Real love waits in the cold on your front porch so you can walk to school together
Real love brings you a chocolate bar when you fall and finish last in the 100m race
Real love whispers something in the middle of mathematics about your fine finger nail polish so that you don't forget how to smile when you 're doing maths
Real love saves a seat for u in the hall through high school days,even when the other guys think its stupid
Real love stays up late on saturday making cookies together,flicking flour at each other and makes sure u both remember that night the rest of your life
Real love thinks you are pretty even when your hair is messed up and u look scruffy in your outfit
Real love lets you figure out the answers by yourself,it says goodbye for a season and prays for your return
Real love understands love and sacrifice and is willing to live accordingly...

Real love huh? What is love to you? Let's hear it , in the spirit of valentine. I go first...
                                     Love, real love is a decision 

What is love to you? Let's hear it...


  1. True,one day to celebrate love is ridiculous,but most women don't mind.LOL

    Love,to me,is a Bumble Bee Camaro or a Brabus 700.If you put a gold Tag Hauer inside,then it's true,undying love.Hehehe

  2. Love... The Decision made to send your only so to die to bring me closer to You. That Is Love for me. :)

  3. Aww. I love the poem.. Love can be demonstrated in so many ways but I think it involves sacrifice - It's at that point that you don't mind doing something you absolutely would rather not do, but do it all the same and not mind it because you love the person

  4. In that fb note, apart from the last line, infatuation does all that too. *ducks chair*. What I am trying to say is that love is actually deeper than all that. Love doesn't buckle under pressure.

  5. Love this :)

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